How Soft Skills will Change the Way We Recruit, Hire and Retain Top Talent

Long Beach, CA — On Monday, August 27, 2018 Dr. Ernest J. Wilson led a mega session on Third Space Thinking for HR professionals at the California Human Resources Conference.  More than 150 HR professionals participated in the session where they learned the five essential soft skills that can enhance their recruitment and development of top talent across various industries.  

HR professionals from across the state were given a “research-based, communication approach” to help them “seize opportunities and solve problems” in talent development. They also were invited to participate in the exclusive Third Space Thinking Assessment to measure their soft skills proficiency.

At the USC Annenberg Center for Third Space Thinking, we believe HR Professionals should recruit and develop talent with strong skills in adaptability, cultural competency, empathy, intellectual curiosity and 360-degree thinking. We call it ACE-IT.

In an interview with the CAHR organizers, Dr. Wilson explained that The Center For Third Space Thinking has developed a “checklist and assessment” to equip HR professionals with the essential skills needed to recruit, hire and retain quality talent.

When asked about the bottom line impact of Third Space Thinking in an organization, Dr. Wilson described that “employers who possess the requisite Third Space ‘soft skills’ and integrate them well when making important judgment calls, can dramatically improve the recruitment and retention” of employees. He added that the cost to onboard a new employee is roughly $27,000, but that figure can quickly escalate if employers don’t recognize the five essential attributes of and hire candidates who are a bad fit.

If you want to master your soft skills and learn practical tips on leadership development, join our one-day bootcamp on November 8, 2018 on the University of Southern California campus.