Third Space Thinking Youth Assessment

With the generous help of the Joseph Drown Foundation, the Center for Third Space Thinking has developed a new Third Space Thinking Youth Assessment to help students and young adults assess their soft skill capabilities as they prepare to enter college and the workforce.  The youth-based assessment measures seven attributes:  Adaptability-Cognitive Flexibility, Adaptability–Tolerance for Ambiguity, Cultural Adaptability, Empathy-Social Perceptiveness, Intellectual Curiosity, 360-Degree Thinking-Systems Perspective, and 360-Degree Thinking-Inference Making.

Third Space Thinking Assessment

We have developed a proprietary tool that measures the current proficiencies of individuals and teams on each of the five core competencies. The assessment is exclusively available to participants at our Third Space Boot Camps.

Third Space Problem Solving App

We also have developed a unique mobile app that allows the users to solve problems through the lens of the five attributes.