• Annenberg Media Institute for Youth & Educators

    February 19-21, 2020

    USC Center for Third Space Thinking will welcome students and teachers from the Merced Union High School District to a learning program of digital storytelling, video production, and soft skills development.

  • The Center for Third Space Thinking

    We put the hard edge on soft skills.

    Our Mission: To empower aspiring leaders with the essential hard-edged soft skills required to make more intelligent decisions in today’s complex world.

  • Third Space Youth Institute

    June 10-13, 2019

    The 2019 Third Space Youth Institute gives migrant students a jump on success. This free, four-day residential program in partnership with Riverside and Los Angeles counties introduces high schoolers to critical soft skills, college readiness, career development,  public speaking and personal branding.

  • Soft Skills Boot Camp

    A one-day, immersive experience to help you master the critical soft skills needed in today’s competitive workplace and take your career to the next level.

Third Space Thinking

A communications-driven methodology to frame and solve problems. It’s a fresh, distinctive way of thinking that helps unlock innovation, drive collaboration, develop talent and enhance organizational performance rooted in five key competencies required for success in today’s ever-changing world.

Our Programs

Leadership Development

We offer two primary executive leadership training opportunities specifically designed for companies and their high-performers.


We are equipping students with the essential soft skills and critical thinking required for success in today’s digitally disrupted world.

Community Engagement

We are committed to sharing our knowledge with diverse and less fortunate communities who deserve the benefit from soft skill development.

Upcoming Events

October 1, 2019

Hispanic American Leadership Organization

Third Space Fellow, Jaime Carias will be the keynote speaker at the Hispanic American Leadership Organization at Kansas State University. The event will host 500 high school students and educators. Jaime will be conducting a Third Space workshop on soft skills. 

October 22, 2019

IA Corporate Researchers Conference (IA CRC)

Third Space Research Fellow, Alison Horstmeyer, will present at the IA Corporate Researchers Conference (IA CRC) in Orlando, FL. This fun and interactive session, titled Unpacking Curiosity: What It Is & How You Can Mobilize It For Greater Insight, will discuss why curiosity is becoming increasingly important in the age of increasing automation and digitization, explore a practical framework to encourage curiosity, and look at the exercises to boost curiosity and discover new ways of thinking that uncover previously-hidden possibilities.

What Others Are Saying

  • I learned to use Third Space Thinking to present ideas and make change.

    Joel Martinez – Baldwin Park High School

  • Clearly my two team members thoroughly enjoyed the Third Space Boot Camp. They enjoyed it so much that they suggested we invite the Dean to join us at an upcoming offsite for a Third Space experience of some kind.

    Bill Chandler, Former Chief Communications Officer - Western Union

  • In the last 4 days, with the Third Space Youth Institute, I have learned to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and develop my presentation skills.

    Alejandro Palomares – Desert Mirage High School

  • Third Space Thinking challenged us to think outside the box about the issues impacting our organization and helped create a framework and common language around which to structure our strategic planning process.

    Reesa McCoy Staten, Senior VP - Robert Half

  • I can use the ACE-IT method to tackle any situation.

    Alexis Godinez – Antelope Valley High School

  • Wilson’s remarks fittingly demonstrated both the need for and lack of certain ‘attitudes, perspectives, experiences and knowledge’ that the Third Space project aims to identify and instill in future talent.

    World Bank

  • I love the fact that the students are empowered to engage in communication and talk about things that are affecting their communities. I like that they are empowered to be more confident and that they are given the ability to use communication as a tool. I have been very impressed with the growth I have seen in the students.

    Myra Sanchez ,Director of the Migrant Education Program for Region 7 – Riverside County Office of Education

  • People who can “code switch” between their hard and soft sides can integrate the two to yield both power and subtlety, turning third space talents into third space thinking.


  • Taken together, they create a kind of “Third Space” that differs sharply from the other two perspectives that have long dominated business thinking: the engineering and traditional MBA perspectives.

    Harvard Business Review

  • The Third Space describes new skill sets like collaboration, empathy, intellectual curiosity, adaptability, and one I really agree with is what Annenberg calls 360-thinking. All of these things define to be new requirements of our professionals.

    Jon Iwata, Former Senior Vice President Marketing and Communications, IBM



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