Joe Waz

Joe Waz is currently the senior strategic advisor for the Comcast Corporation, where he advises on public policy and strategy, particularly with communications, copyright and tax. He also works with NBCUniversal with legal and policy initiatives to promote protection of creative content. For 17 years, Waz also worked as senior vice president of the External Affairs and Public Policy Counsel for Comcast. During this time, Waz became the founding president of the Comcast Foundation, which works with nonprofit organizations to aid high school students with scholarships. Waz’s public policy experience also stems from his role as founding chairman of the Broadband Internet Technology Advisory Group, which is a multi-stakeholder group committed to solving technology issues. He currently serves on several technology public policy advisory boards, including the Minority Media & Telecommunications Council (MMTC) and TPRC. Joe Waz received a J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law.