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Jill Totenberg

CEO of The Totenberg Group
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Jill Totenberg is CEO of The Totenberg Group, a widely respected marketing and communications firm. While providing a full range of public relations services, the firm specializes in building high impact awareness to comprehensively and cost-effectively achieve the client’s desired business outcomes.

Prior to creating The Totenberg Group, Ms. Totenberg held a number of leadership positions, including Senior Vice president, Public Affairs, TD Waterhouse; Vice President Marketing & Communications, CSC Index; Global Vice President Communications, Gemini Consulting, and Senior Vice President, Ruder Finn.  In those roles, she developed innovative communications and public relations programs that set the standard for marketing the professional services firm – which she continues to do today for her clients.

Ms. Totenberg is a board member of The Tenement Museum and Past President of the Public Relations Society of New York.  She is also a member of two prestigious communicator organizations, the Arthur Page Society, and the Wisemen.

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